How To Be A Viking - A Northlander's Guide
by Ari the Learned
Illustrated by Milivoj Ceran, Neil Chapman, Alastair Graham, Nick Spender

Publisher: Templar Publishing
ISBN-10: 1840119535
ISBN-13: 978-1840119534


"The author of this book manages to expertly inform the reader of every facet of their fascinating culture."
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Ari The Learnedby Milivoj Ceran
Freyr and Gullinbursti, by Milivoj Ceran
A Few Words From The Author

High words you'll hear, bright runes you'll read,

Helpful to all sons and daughters of Midgard,

Harmful to giants and hags out of Hel.

Praise to the teller of tales!

Praise to those who listen with care!

Fortunate are they who are given the lore...

Glad lives they get when they heed it!

If you wish to go A-Viking, to become a Skald and learn the ancient lore, all that I can recall I'll tell you, and there is much to learn. To speak with grace and care, to honor the gods, to use your wits as well as your sword arm: cleverness you'll need, so pay heed to these pages. Lesser folk than you have had victories over dragons because they heeded the knowledge passed down from their ancestors.


To win honor and fame, you will have to travel beyond the safety of lands you know. And it's not easy making a safe road through a world filled with dangers. But one who stays home learns little of wonders! A longing for the sea roads burns bright in our blood. Strange sights can help to make one wise. Go boldly with the gods watching over you!


The world is fast changing. People forget the Old Ways, then can't understand why they come to much grief. Your ancestors worked hard, learned much from the gods. Their valorous deeds and well-crafted words are jewels that look best when worn by the young. I will tell all I know, will open the casket of well-hallowed lore. Reach in with both hands. Take all you can carry.  The words held within are worth much to the wise.

- Ari The Learned   

Ship's Figurehead, by Alastair Graham   
Viking Trader, by by Milivoj Ceran