The Secret History of Mermaids and Creatures of the Deep
By Professor Ari Berk

Illustrated by Wayne Anderson, Gary Chalk, Matt Dangler  & Virginia Lee

Publisher: Candlewick (US),  Templar Books (UK)
(US) ISBN-10: 076364515X
(US) ISBN-13: 978-076645151

(UK) ISBN-10: 1840113383
(UK) ISBN-13: 978-1840113389

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From The Order Of The Golden Quills:

Long has the Order of the Golden Quills watched and studied the secret places and races of the world: hollow faerie hills and forests, high giant-made mountains, bejeweled dwarvish caverns, deep seas of the merfolk. We have collected much lore, and now we ask you to join us. Relations with the merfolk have been especially strained of late. Pollution of the world's waters and depletion of fish populations have led to regrettable conflicts between merfolk and humans. While most humans remain blithely unaware of the damage they do to merfolk, the merfolk's displeasure can be felt by all: tsunamis, tropical storms, hurricanes, and coastal floods all are evidence of their growing displeasure with land folk.

   The Order feels the time has come to remind humans of their sea-cousins and their underwater world, a world humans seem to have forgotten. By sharing these Secret Histories, the Order of the Golden Quills spreads knowledge and understanding, fostering peace in all realms and between all good people.

* * * 
From the Publisher:
The Order of the Golden Quills presents the latest volume in the award-winning Secret Histories series by Ari Berk.
Since ancient times, seafarers and coast-dwellers the world over have reported encounters with merpeople. Variously known as Finfolk, Dinny Mara, Nereids, Blue Men, and Merrymaids, merfolk have been the source of both gifts and disasters for humankind. Now a lavishly illustrated resource offers insight into the lives, origins, language, and magic of these elusive peoples. Like a siren's song, this fascinating tome is sure to enthrall all who fall under its spell. Special features include:
-- paper novelties -- including sundry flaps, booklets, and gatefolds
-- a lavish cover with foil, embossing, and glittery jewels
-- an elegant tassel dangling from the spine (UK edition)
From the loremaster who brought us THE SECRET HISTORY OF GIANTS comes an intriguing new chronicle revealing the mysterious ways of merfolk. 


"Once again, the remarkable academics of Professor Ari Berk and multifaceted artistry that made The Secret History of Giants a treasure of a book come together to bring us The Secret History of Mermaids and Creatures of the Deep... . For any child (or adult) with a rich fantasy life rooted in fairy tales and folklore, The Secret History of Mermaids and Creatures of the Deep (as well as The Secret History of Giants) is a MUST. It is by far one of the most visually appealing and engaging books I have seen in a long time."

"Lavish...comprehensive...What more could a young, fantasy marine biologist desire besides, perhaps, an actual mermaid?"
Scene from The Merfolk's Village, by Virginia Lee    
Cover Mermaid (in all her pre-cropped glory), by Douglas Carrell
A Few Words from The Author

Who can look at the sapphire and pearl surface of the sea and not wonder about the worlds hidden below? From a very young age, I have been fascinated with sea lore. Maybe it's the double pisces in me, or that going to the beach has always felt like a kind of pilgrimage, like a homecoming.

Our lives, literally, are bound to the sea and its welfare. Our ancestors knew this, and so told stories about our relations with the sea folk. When the merfolk were respected, human nets were filled with fish. When ignored or mistreated, the sea-folk might enact terrible vengeance. 

This book is filled with magic, lore, and the sounds of the sea. I have translated oceanic charms, even a mermaid's lullaby. My hope was to write a book that might speak to the tidal song that sings within us all. A book to both lull and enchant. A book to remind us that all life and many wonders still come from the waters of the world.
Atargatis, The Sea Mother, by Virginia Lee
Scribe and Mermaid, by Gary Chalk

Wild Fish-Man of Or, by Matt Dangler    

Tide Mouse, by Wayne Anderson     
Elizabethan Mer-imaginings, by Virginia Lee  
Trident for Shore Use, by Matt Dangler
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