New! 10 1/2 Year Anniversary Edition!

Written, Analyzed, and Interpreted by Ari Berk
Goblin Illuminations by Brian Froud

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 978-1-4197-1861-8

"If you've read anything by Ari Berk, ever -- another Froud collaboration entitled The Runes of Elfland, or his columns in Realms of Fantasy, or his poetry -- then you know to expect fabulous writing. The text for Goblins is utterly delightful. Berk is witty and charming and fun..."
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A Few Words From The Author

We had finished The Runes of Elfland and Brian and I really wanted to work on another book together. We laugh a lot when are in each other's company, and can both be just a bit irreverent. We wanted to create something that might allow that side of ourselves a bit more free rein. We were standing in his driveway and swore that we would write a book about goblins. And we did.

   Brian had this portfolio of portraits of "very special goblins." Serious trouble-makers. He handed me the portfolio and said, "good luck." While I was writing, Brian kept painting as more and more goblins rushed forward to have their portraits made and their stories told. It was an odd business, I can tell you. One night, as I was writing about the Goblin Vermin's Guild, I was loudly summoned into the kitchen by my wife just in time to see several mice shoot out of the vent on the front of our dishwasher and flip up in mid-air landing on the kitchen counter. From then on I had to lay down the law with the goblins. "Writing about something does NOT constitute an invitation," I told them.

   I think of this book as absurd but absolutely true because (hopefully) it provides a humorous way for people to negotiate with or laugh at the apparent randomness of daily events. There is a long folkloric tradition of people negotiating with the otherworldly in this way -- tales of ghosts, spirits, and goblins -- and what are these but particular kinds of conversations between people and the seemingly inexplicable? All such stories are about acknowledgement. All the goblins want is for us to give them a little attention every now and again, and to laugh a bit more at the absurdity around us