Curriculum Vitae

Work/Professional Experience:


1999-present      Central Michigan University. Professor of English. 

Teaching areas: Mythology, Folklore, American Indian Literature, Medieval Literature

2008- 2010           Editor, Folkroots, Realms of Fantasy Magazine.

2005-                     Board of Directors, The Mythic Imagination Institute, Atlanta, Ga.



5/98                        University of Arizona.  Ph.D., Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies

Dissertation Director: N. Scott Momaday

12/94                      University of Arizona.  Master of Arts in American Indian Studies

8/92- 3/93             Oxford University, England. Post graduate research.

5/91                        Humboldt State University, Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History/Interdisciplinary Studies

Creative and Scholarly Publications



2011-4-     The Undertaken Trilogy, Simon and Schuster

     - Book One: Death Watch

   - Book Two: Mistle Child

     - Book Three: Lych Way

2012      Night Song, Simon and Schuster

10/10 Book, The Secret History of Hobgoblins,  Templar Books (UK), Candlewick (US)

8/10 Book, William Shakespeare--His Life and Times (with Kristen McDermott), Templar Books, UK/Candlewick (US)  2010.

10/09  Screenplay, Lanval, co-written with Elizabeth Jane Baldry (supported by European Regional Development Fund grant) 

for the Shared Legends Project in conjunction with Le Centre de l'Imaginaire Arthurien, Brittany.

10/09 Film Option, The Secret Histories, Sony Pictures.

10/09    Film Option, Goblins! Disney Motion Pictures.

10/09    Book (YA Illustrated Book, 2nd volume in a series), The Secret History of Mermaids and Merfolk, Templar (UK)/Candlewick Books (US).

3/09 Short Story/Fiction, "Missing Limb," published in the anthology Ravens in the Library. Ravens in the Library Project, 

Seattle, WA.

10/08    Book (Children's book), How to be a Viking, Templar Books (UK).

9/08      Book, Coyote Speaks, (with Carolyn Dunn) Harry N. Abrams Books.

9/08      Book (YA Illustrated Book, 1st volume in a series), The Secret History of Giants, Templar Books (UK)/Candlewick Book(US). 

- Numerous foreign language editions

- Winner of an NCTE Notable Award 2009

                        - Winner of a Parents' Choice Recommended Award 2008


6/07     Article, "Back Over the Wall -- Charles Vess Revisits the World of Stardust," Realms of Fantasy 13.6 (August 2007): 80-85,


11/06   Poetry, five poems ("Anatomy," "Winter Finds the World on Fire," "Rings," "A Rune of Loss," "Night Thoughts: 

Scheherazade"), Contexts: Creative Journal vol.VII 2007-2007. Toledo, Ohio: Mercy College of Northwest Ohio, 19-28.

7/06     Book (foreign edition), French edition of Runes of Elfland, Editions Glenat.

9/05     Article, "The Lore of Simple Things -- Milk, Honey, and Bread in Myth and Legend." Realms of Fantasy 12.2 (December 

2005): 40-54, 110-111. (reprinted on the Endicott Studio Online Journal of Mythic Arts.)

5/05     Book (foreign edition), French edition of GOBLINS!, Editions Glenat.

5/05     Film/Television Option/Development Deal for the book GOBLINS! with Klasky Csupo Inc.

9/05     Book, Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Letters (illustrated by Brian Froud), Abrams Books.

10/04   Book, Goblins! (illustrated by Brian Froud), Abrams Books.

9/04     Article, "The Dance of the Labyrinth." Realms of Fantasy 11.1 (October 2004): 16-24, 88-89. (Reprinted on the Endicott Studio

Online Journal of Mythic Arts.)

5/04     Book Introduction, Ancient Spirit, Modern Voice --The Mythic Journeys Art Exhibition. Mythic Imagination Institute.

2/04     Article, "The Song of the Sampo -- Mystery and the Numinous in the Kalevala." Realms of Fantasy 10.3 (February 2004): 16-

26. (Reprinted on the Endicott Studio Online Journal of Mythic Arts.)

2/04     [2nd Printing of The Runes of Elfland, Abrams Books]

6/03     Article, "Where the White Stag Runs -- Boundary and Transformation in Deer Myths." Realms of Fantasy 9.5 (June 2003): 8


10/03   Book, The Runes of Elfland (illustrated by Brian Froud), Harry N. Abrams Books.                 

10/02   Article, "Penance, Power and Pursuit -- On the Trail of the Wild Hunt" (co-authored with CMU undergraduate student, 

William Spytma). Realms of Fantasy 9.2 (December 2002): 32-41.

2/02     Article, "A Rune With A View: An Introduction To The Visionary Alphabet of the Northern World." Realms of Fantasy 8.4 

(April 2002): 16-21, 95.

8/01     Poem, "Night Thoughts: Sheherazade." Endicott Studio Online Journal

5/01     Poem, "Anatomies," in the book, The Quest for the Green Man, John Matthews.  Godsfield Press (UK) and Quest Books (US), 

2001: 104.

1/01     Article, "Of Travels and Travails -- Imagination, Landscape and Narrative."  Language Arts Journal of Michigan 16.2 (Fall 

2000): 28-33.

6/00     Essay, "Stones and Signs." Commissioned lead essay for the Endicott Studio On-line Journal of Myth and Folklore

1/00     Featured Poet/Artist: Green Men and Green Women -- An Online Exhibition (alongside major artists and authors: Jane Yolen, 

Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Alan Lee, Brian Froud. Organized by Editor, Terri Windling.  Works 

published/exhibited: Two Poems: "Anatomy," and "A Prayer for Forest Travelers," and five original paintings.

6/99     Poem, "Bag of Medicine and Wind" (Endicott Studio Online Journal)

5/98     Poem, "Paserik Burial" (Endicott Studio Online Journal)

6/96     Essay, "The Grail of the Uttermost West---Vessels of Power, Plenty and Tradition in  American Indian Mythology and 

Literature."  In The Story of the Grail, ed.  John Matthews.  Edinburgh: Floris Books (UK) and Lindisfarne Press (US), 1996: 


The House of Cards, Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin